Aer lingus case study

Its guests can choose from over routes in Europe and 11 North American destinations with more than onward connections across the U. The company flies a fleet of modern Airbus aircraft.

Their need was clear: The iPads use geo-fencing technology to change access levels based on the geographic location of the device. Learn more at www. How does the customer feel? Citrix solutions power business mobility through secure, mobile workspaces that provide people with instant access to apps, desktops, data and communications on any device, over any network and cloud.

The cloud-based system was designed and implemented by a dedicated team of Enterprise Solutions consultants over a period of 18 months. It flies to central rather than peripheral airport locations and delivers a superior level of customer service that pure low-cost competitors cannot match.

With iPads, regardless of country or time-difference, pilots can quickly, easily and securely access the latest information relating to a flight.

Aer Lingus Soars with Superior Service Delivery

They developed two initial priorities. Taking a virtual desktop approach has enabled the company to extend the life of existing PC hardware in many cases, and has reduced software support costs with centralised management. The airline relies on a huge number of shift-working operations staff to keep the business running at all times.

Employees — from cargo crew to customer service agents — can now easily and securely access their desktop from anywhere in the airport, at home or from any Aer Lingus office.

Secondly, they wanted to make employees more mobile, where the scope of mobility could range from enabling ground operations agents to work in different parts of Dublin airport, to giving pilots access to important information from anywhere in the world.

Aer Lingus has a newfound ability to focus the distribution channels of guest communications, being able to complete the interaction within the initial channel or connect them via other channels without losing information and, in turn, provide a better customer experience.

Not wanting to just assume that Astute Solutions was still their best option, they re-evaluated software offerings in the market. Aer Lingus operates a fleet of 47 modern Airbus aircraft and carries over Enhanced customer service — The airline relies on a large number of shift-working operations staff to keep the business running at all times.

Aer Lingus Case Study

Simplicity and flexibility needed to be key features of the system as well, with the ever-changing airline industry and Aer Lingus operating across eight time zones.

Building an IT system to support a strategy of secure customer care Aer Lingus developed its Smart Travel strategy in response to the severe economic pressures that the airline industry faced.

Aer Lingus

Security and compliance with multiple aviation industry standards were of critical importance. With XenDesktop providing a single virtual desktop, migration is vastly simplified; there is no need to physically deploy the new operating system onto every device.

See a live demo. XenDesktop provides a Windows 7 virtual desktop to 4, users across 1, PCs. Aer Lingus has expanded their digital presence with the use of Astute Knowledge, making it possible for agents to flow calls back and forth between North America and UK.EN Case No M - IAG / AER LINGUS Only the English text is available and authentic.

REGULATION (EC) No / MERGER PROCEDURE. / Customer Stories / Transportation Solutions - Aer Lingus - Case Study Aer Lingus Soars with Superior Service Delivery Aer Lingus, Ireland's national flag-carrier, has a mission to "connect Ireland to the world".

Aer Lingus is the national airline of Ireland, operating 63 aircraft on routes to destinations in the UK, Europe, and North America, carrying 12 million guests annually. As Ireland’s only 4-Star airline, its mission is to connect Ireland to the world and to become the leading value carrier operating across the North Atlantic.

Enterprise Solutions implemented a cutting edge new IT platform for Aer Lingus that allows employees to work from anywhere, anytime and on any device. Company Profile •Aer Lingus is the national airline of Ireland. It is headquartered at Dublin Airport, Ireland.

•The airline operates 43 aircraft and carries on average 10 million passengers per annum. Barrett, S () Commercialising a national airline – The Aer Lingus case study.

Journal of Air Transport Management 3(2): – Google Scholar, Crossref.

Aer lingus case study
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