An essay on the distribution and the density of population around the world

In Assam, the index works out to be marginally greater than unity, while in Tripura it is 0.

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In addition, the deltas of the Mahanadi, the Godavari and the Krishna in the eastern coast also exhibit a thick concentration of population.

Some other districts scattered elsewhere in the uplands also report a very low level of density. The index thus derived is identical to the measure of location quotient, and can be mathematically expressed as under: Of the total 49 districts with the concentration index of 3 or more, 37 are located in the Ganga plain alone.

The life expectancy is about 40 years in Sierra Leone, whereas in Guinea and Gambia it is 41 years each. The southern parts of Chhatisgarh and its adjoining areas in Madhya Pradesh and Orissa report an extremely low density — less than persons per square km.

The entire upland plateaus, in general, appear with a relatively low concentration of population. The upland plateaus are characterized by rugged topography and poor soils. The entire Indo-Gangetic alluvial tract forms a single large contiguous region with high-density level. Remarkably, excepting Mumbai Suburban, all the others are cent percent urbanized and basically represent the mega cities of the country.

On the other extreme, from amongst the major states, Uttaranchal and Chhattisgarh report a very low index — less than 0. On a geographical area of 2.

List of countries and dependencies by population density

The rapidly aging population can be seem as an effect of the post war baby boom which was followed by a sharp decrease in births as Japan developed in the 20th century. The unevenness in the distribution of population in the country has been shown with the help of Lorenz curve in Figure 3.


The plain areas having fertile soils and suitable climate temperature and rainfall for the cultivation of crops are the regions of high density of population. The country, located on the western edge of the Pacific Ocean lies to the east of Asia and is made up of about 3, smaller islands.

The infant mortality rate is also very low in developed countries. Owing to this restriction, the people of overpopulated countries cannot enter the developed countries with less density of population.

In the northeast, the Assam valley stands conspicuous with denser concentration of population as compared to the neighbouring hilly region.- Population Density and Distribution A Dot Distribution map is able to show the population density of very small areas.

[tags: Free Essay Writer] Free Essays words | ( pages The needs and demands for energy to support the growth of industries occurring around the world have provided opportunity for expansion of. The Global Distribution of Population: Evaluating the gains in resolution refinement Deborah Balk Population of the World (GPW) dataset (CIESIN et al., ).

Distribution and Density of Population in India (With Map)

In low-density areas, even where the highest-level boundary data are available, the administrative units are much larger than these ideal sizes. However, administrative.

* High population density * The population in India on 1st Explaining Uneven Population Distribution The population of the earth is about 7 billion people but they are not spread around the world evenly this is called Uneven Population Distribution In this essay I will be explaining uneven population distribution using 5 different places.

The distribution and density of Earth’s population reflect the planet’s topography, soils, vegetation, and climate types (ecosystems); available resources; and level of economic development.

Population growth rates are influenced by such factors as education (especially of women), religion, telecommunications, urbanization, and employment. The physical environment has determined to some extent, the distribution and density of Australia’s population.

Discuss. Discuss. People do. Its population density has been estimated at people per km 2, and it would be ranked 95th if it were included in the list. (population: , on January 1,[2] area: 4, km 2).

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An essay on the distribution and the density of population around the world
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