Armenian genocide essay conclusion

Consequently, Turks disarmed the entire Armenian population. In response to large scale protests by Armenians, Turkish military officials, soldiers and ordinary men sacked Armenian villages and cities and massacred their citizens.

Frequently, the marchers were stripped naked and forced to walk under the scorching sun until they dropped dead.

They drowned people in rivers, threw them off cliffs, crucified them and burned them alive. After that, ordinary Armenians were turned out of their homes and sent on death marches through the Mesopotamian desert without food or water.

They tended to be better educated and wealthier than their Turkish neighbors, who in turn grew to resent their success. At the same time, Ottoman religious authorities declared jihad, or holy war, against all Christians except their allies.

At the turn of the 20th Century, the once widespread Ottoman Empire was crumbling at the edges. Recognizing Genocide Today Armenians commemorate those who lost their lives during the genocide on April 24, the day in when several hundred Armenian intellectuals and professionals were arrested and executed as the start of the genocide.

This ethnic cleaning of Armenians, and other minorities, including Assyrians, Pontian and Anatolian Greeks, is today known as the Armenian Genocide. Byhistorians estimate that over 80, Armenians had been killed. But under the cover of World War I, the Turkish government systematically destroyed 1.

Around the same time, a group of 5, were killed after demonstrations begging for international intervention to prevent massacres upset officials in Constantinople. The only tiny portion of historic Armenia to survive was the easternmost area because it became part of the Soviet Union.

Visit Website In spite of these obstacles, the Armenian community thrived under Ottoman rule. Ottoman forces, military and civilians alike attacked Armenian villages in Eastern Anatolia, killing 8, Armenians, including children.

Only recognition and condemnation can prevent the repetition of such crimes in the future. The Turks demolished any remnants of Armenian cultural heritage including masterpieces of ancient architecture, old libraries and archives. Young Turks Ina new government came to power in Turkey.

Armenian Genocide Today After the Ottomans surrendered inthe leaders of the Young Turks fled to Germany, which promised not to prosecute them for the genocide. The Ottoman Empire lost all of its territory in Europe during the Balkan Wars ofcreating instability among nationalist ethnic groups.

That day, the Turkish government arrested and executed several hundred Armenian intellectuals. In fact, speaking about the Armenian genocide in Turkey is punishable by law.

The Armenian Genocide

Armed roundups began on the evening of April 24,as Armenian intellectuals — political leaders, educators, writers, and religious leaders in Constantinople — were forcibly taken from their homes, tortured, then hanged or shot. These suspicions grew more acute as the Ottoman Empire crumbled.

In an act of defiance, officers from the German Military Mission documented atrocities occurring in concentration camps. Precursors to Genocide History of the Region The Armenians have lived in the southern Caucasus since the 7th century BC and have fought to maintain control against other groups such as the Mongolian, Russian, Turkish, and Persian empires.

One year later, 2, Armenian women were burned to death in Urfa Cathedral. The death marches killed roughly 1. Despite pressure from Armenians and activists worldwide, Turkey still refuses to acknowledge the genocide, claiming that there was no premeditation on the deaths of the Armenians.

The roots of the genocide lie in the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Genocide Begins Transmitted in coded telegrams, the mandate to annihilate Armenians came directly from the Young Turks.Free armenian genocide papers, essays, and research papers.

The Armenian Genocide, the First Genocide of Twentieth Century. April is the month of mourning for Armenians around the world. On April 24, every Armenian remembers the loss of his/her family member in Turkey. Some million Armenian systematical massacred during the years of to in /5(10).

ARMENIAN GENOCIDE BRYCE REPORT- ESSAY April is the month of mourning for Armenians around the world. On April 24, every Armenian remembers the loss of his/her family member in Turkey. Feb 26,  · Evidence of the Armenian Genocide Essay Words | 4 Pages The Armenian genocide was a systematic eradication of the Armenian population who lived under the Ottoman government.

The tools you need to write a quality essay or term paper; Saved Essays. You Have Not Saved Any Essays. Topics in this paper leads to the conclusion that genocide in the future is inevitable. Induring the Second World War, the United Nations was set-up to settle crises peacefully.

The Armenian Genocide seems to have been /5(9).

Armenian Genocide

Conclusion Scholar Richard G. Hovannisian writes in the collection Remembrance and Denial: The Case of the Armenian Genocide (Wayne State University Press, ): "It has been said that denial is the final phase of genocide.

Armenian genocide essay conclusion
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