Critical appreciation of bangle sellers

The poem is made up of 4 stanzas, consisting of 6 lines each. Ultimately, this is a poem as much about the bangle sellers as it is about women.

Each stanza has a certain tone. The bangles are symbolic of women and their happiness. Sarojini Naidu is a rarity amongst Indian women in that she was fluent in English and able to compose poetry in accordance to English and Hindustan versions of rhyme and meter.

Certainly, the topic of women, and the subject matter of economically challenged women were issues that were not receiving much in way of attention. Thus, this is a simile. Indeed, Naidu might be presenting a vision that typifies these women, but the larger issue might be that she is trying to authentically and accurately depict their condition so that it arouses the moral and spiritual consciousness of change.

Even if this poem is ironic, it still discusses the ideas propagated by the patriarchal society. Naidu incorporates nature and the various hues of nature to represent her subject matter. Each colour represents each stage she crosses. Here the comparison is made between the yellow corn fields bathed in sunlight and the yellow coloured bangles.

Although it is only alluded to in innuendos, the patriarchal ideology lurks beneath the surface of the poem.

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In a political climate that was fighting for national independence, Naidu had a unique advantage of being a voice for both Indians and Women in a time where the latter was not being voiced in favor of the former.

We can presume that the bangle sellers that are being spoken of in the poem are not on the wealthy end of Indian society. The tone of the poem is joyful and lively. It denotes that she has diligently performed her duties as a mother.

The closing stanza also substantiates this, confirmed with the lines of: The tone of the last stanza is dipped in pride and a sense of fulfilment. Naidu speaks for them and in giving them a voice, she might be suggesting that India cannot be free unless it speaks for women such as "the bangle sellers.

Conclusion You may also want to take a look at this video playlist to learn more about this poem in an Audio-Visual format! Seeing that she represented a form of woman that broke out of the traditional and normative roles of women, Naidu would have been quite vocal in articulating the condition of women in India at the time.

She covers all kinds of colours to present emotions like hope, happiness, desire, love and pride. And the light reflected by the bangles gives it the appearance of being made of light.

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Understanding all of this, we can see that perhaps the meaning of the poem "The Bangle Sellers" can be more than what is its literal meaning. This represents some of the bangles by comparing them to the transparent glory of the new born leaves.

The first recalls the cry of bangle-sellers who travel on foot to sell their products.We can presume that the bangle sellers that are being spoken of in the poem are not on the wealthy end of Indian society.

Rather, these women struggle to. Aug 01,  · Bangle sellers are we who bear Our shining loads to the temple fair Who will buy these delicate, bright Rainbow-tinted circles of light?

Lustrous tokens of radiant lives, For happy daughters and happy wives. Some are meet for a maiden's wrist, Silver and blue as the mountain mist, Some are flushed like the buds that. Critical Analysis of The Bangle Sellers: Naidu’s poetry is best known for her use of imagery and contemporary Indian themes.

Among her other poems, this poem stands out as a social message that not only discusses the lives of. Critical Appreciation Of Bangle Sellers Critical appreciation of a poem is defined as the critical reading of a poem.

I read this poem in my junior year and it is the most vibrant & colorful poem ever written. Naidu's poem explores the imagery associated with bangles and the implications for women's roles in a traditionalist Indian social setting.

Critical appreciation of the bangle sellers - Sarojini Naidu, in her poem The Bangle Seller portrays women at different stages and various bangles they wear.

The bangle sellers sell bangles of different colors and their colors signify women's maidenhood and womanhood/5(7).

Critical appreciation of bangle sellers
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