Emergency response plan 3 essay

If the polymerization unit is engulfed in the fire, how will this affect your response? In relation to the resources, plans can be established as to how the resources can be used to carry out disaster recovery plans. A shift turnover for the night contractor crew did not happen due to mandatory safety training that delayed their arrival at the worksite.

Emergency response plan Essay

Twenty contractor companies approximately employees have been contracted to perform this work under the direction of refinery staff. The refinery processesbbls of crude oil per day, which has a sulfur content of 2.

The number of people and other resources in an organization need to be taken into record so as to devise plans. The disaster recovery handbook: The Claus unit is located in the most northern part of the refinery, approximately feet from the Emergency response plan 3 essay refinery access gate to the south.

No pressure gauges or monitoring was present to indicate that the acid gas feed line was operational. In relation to this issue there is need for the institution to have in place an alternative system of operation, which can be adopted in case disaster disrupts the usual system of operation.

The H2S concentration of the acid gas feed is approximately 70 percent by volume. Essays Read the incident scenario, and write a response that is at least three pages in length. Upon their arrival at the work site, the night crew held a job safety analysis JSA review of the scheduled task line breaking of the acid gas feed line to replace a segment to be performed and the hazards present.

Strengths and weakness The major strength is that the institution is always set to face the disaster situations if the arises, given that it is able to set aside the required resources to address the problems, and that it is able to devise alternative ways which can be adopted.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: Due to other work priorities, the crew did not isolate the line as planned.

The refinery ERT does not fight fires past the incipient stage. As the lead refinery representative on the unified incident command UICwhat actions should be taken by the UIC to respond to this incident please consider all receptors.

Following the presentation of the proposal to the top management, the following step is to educate the various departments on the role of the plan, and the level of support needed to sustain its success. All of the contractor workers completed the refinery orientation training. All emergency responders participated in the post-incident critique.

Then the conduction of some forms of business impact analysis, whereby an assessment is made on the extent of the losses in the institution.

Hire Writer The plans enable the institution to make acquisition of additional resources in case the disaster takes place.

Arrangements have to be made Emergency response plan 3 essay how the institution will seek assistance from outside parties in cases of disaster, and allowances made on the establishment of alternative strategies in case the initial strategies do not work well in address the needs in the cases of a strategy.

The crew initiated the line breaking activity open the line to the atmosphere at approximately 7: The weakness with the disaster recovery programs is that it is more challenging to make estimations of the losses, and in that manner set aside the necessary resources to address the problem.

General steps The general steps in a disaster recovery program include identification of the extent of the business plan, so as to be able to know the extent of the recovery program. H2S and sulfur dioxide SO2 have the following physical properties: All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced.

The following actions were initially taken: Another issue is that it is hard to determine the actual disaster which is likely to take place. A primer for disaster recovery planning in an IT environment.

The third stage involves presenting the concept of disaster recovery to the top management level of the institution, to acquire the necessary support for the success of the disaster recovery programs.

Conclusion Disaster recovery is an important aspect in dealing with the emergence cases in institutions, and they should be included in the strategic plans of the institutions so as to ensure that the sustainability is maintained in the general environment for the good of the society.

Considerations should be made by the management of the institutions for additional costs. On the day of the incident, the day-shift 6 am to 6 pm crew had been tasked with isolating the acid gas feed stream for the Claus unit. Discuss the hazards posed by the interaction of the hazardous materials present at the refinery and adjacent facilities, including the resulting by-products of the incident fire and acid gas release.

The polymerization unit is operating directly adjacent to the Claus unit. Edwards Disaster Recovery Directory. The refinery was initiating work on a major plant turnaround at the time of the incident to complete required maintenance repairs, mechanical integrity inspections, and modifications to existing equipment.

What corrective actions should be implemented by the refinery to prevent the reoccurrence of this incident?Refinery Emergency Response Plan Read the incident scenario, and write a response that is at least three pages in length. Build your emergency response plan using this worksheet.

Protective Actions for Life Safety When there is a hazard within a building such as a fire or chemical spill, occupants within the building should be evacuated or relocated to safety.

Refinery Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Plan Essay; Emergency Plan Essay. Words May 9th, 8 Pages. Show More. Purpose In emergency response management the basic network involves receiving information and then the mobilization of the necessary emergency services and first responders to the disaster area.

This is should include a first wave of core emergency. Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response Essay Emergency Response: Disaster in Franklin County.

Emergency Response Plan for Floods Essay. Flooding is when large amounts of water suddenly invade an area which had been normally dry (Oxford Advanced learners Dictionary). Floods are one of those disasters which are still a major thread.

Ultimately some plan needs to be in place on all levels to minimize the risks and if there are areas in the federal level that need to be changed so response times are better or relief aid gets to an area sooner or mandating that all companies have a document emergency plan, then these actions need to be taken.

Emergency Response Plan for Little Rock Arkansas It is important that all members of a community and country prepare themselves in the event of a disaster or incident.

Emergency response plan 3 essay
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