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Signatures with little pressure: Ask the writer to produce their typical signature that they would use to sign a cheque. The pressure in writing is related to vital energy and the inner-strength in individuals. This recommendation goes for young people who start signing legal documents such as contracts, driver licenses, passports and bank papers, among others.

Signature garland predominant Handwriting Analysis Signature: The distance between name and last name is linked to the psychological bond or separation between what they both represent name: The speed with which we sign is related to the velocity of mental processes and the dynamism of the person.

Your signature will speak about you font signature handwriting analysis than you can imagine! Signature angled to the right: It means low self-esteem, lack of self-acceptance, lack of adaptation, immaturity, tendency to self-destruction, guiltiness complexes, insecurity, the individual thinks that other people are superior to him.

Placement of signature What is the Difference between Signature and Rubric? Let us take into account that scrawled signatures are easier to imitate than a clear and full name and last name. The sweeping, drooping line through the surname is a sign of great self-criticism in professional life.

It is a sign of coherence between thinking and action. Especially in environments of trust. There is no valid calligraphy for rubrics. The meaning of the differences is explained on this webpage. The reality, revealed in the less image-conscious handwriting, is a more balanced, level headed approach.

Handwriting Analysis Signature: How to Make a Good Signature

Sex Drive and Letter G in Handwriting. The writer is happy to be accepted as they are. Depression, pessimism, lack of trust in himself or great mental or psychological fatigue. In the signature analysis, rubrics reveal personal ambitions. A highly embellished signature which only comprises the christian name.

When this person is in public, they do not put on an act.

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This may imply a high degree of self-motivation and disregard for what people think, but is more likely to be a sign of low self-confidence. This type of signatures are characterized by the strokes towards the left, movements of graphical involution that reflect difficulty in adaptation, comes back to the past and create impediments that do not allow self-development.

It is expected that your signature and the text are similar. Hides and lies, depending on other signs. Then compare your signature to the text. People who are dissatisfied with themselves.

They are individuals who find it hard to give themselves affectionately, due to protection or childhood experiences. The interpretation shall be done according to the associated meanings with each one.

Classification Handwriting Analysis Signature: Complicated Signature Arches- Garlands: Also, associated with acceptance of authority, locking into their own ideas.

When there is an unnecessary dot, it is interpreted as a reflexive individual, with a verifying prudence, desire of executing in a perfectionist way, distrust on the future.

Typically, formal people increase the size of the surname, for example. The name, from a graphological point of view symbolizes the personal ego and the family ego. Negative signatures have retouches, are crossed out, complicated, bizarre, overlapped, blackened, disintegrated or with little cohesion or are very conflicting according to the text.

Rubric is a line or set of lines added to the name to sign that individualize the signature of each person. It is essential to compare the shapes of the letters of the text, sin inequalities mark a difference in the general behavior that does not correspond with their inner feelings.Archive of freely downloadable fonts.

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How you craft letters and words can indicate more than 5, different personality traits, according to the science of graphology, also known as handwriting analysis.

To introduce students to the field, graphologist Kathi McKnight has them write She sells seashells by the seashore in cursive. Signature rising more than handwriting: the writer is showing their optimism and energy to the outside world, but some of this is just show.

The reality, revealed in the less image-conscious handwriting, is a more balanced, level headed approach.

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