Intranet examples business report

A state-of-the-art digital assistant and chatbot aggregating notifications, key HR data, personal information and more from multiple systems across the digital workplace, built on microservices architecture and delivered via the intranet.

The combination of the Corporate Directory and Active Directory integration also enables new stores and staff to quickly access systems and the intranet while reducing admin overhead.

The Value of Intranets These impressive intranet examples show that high-quality systems can deliver a wide range of benefits. All fields are required. The same accurate data becomes available to authorised users in every office.

Feature parity is your best option Our intranet examples show that your corporate portal can be purely business-oriented or purely social. FredNet is built around intranet examples business report updated content i.

A mobile app available on employee-owned devices which helps those on the go get things done including submitting timeccards and finding contact details. Addressed to Those who Think Lately Fully-functional internal portals with a narrowed feature set cover specific tasks critical to the success of enterprise activities.

Obtain the insights With winners across four categories, there are valuable ideas for every intranet and digital workplace team.

In addition to information about the facility, the intranet included a People Directory with contact information for all the employees and their locations.

The store quickly expanded and they now have over 12 stores throughout the surrounding areas. Consolidate vital data in one convenient, searchable place Achieve greater productivity by making it simple to find files Securely and easily distribute internal company news without email Create an exclusive, work-focused social network for employees When organisations lack intranets, workers often resort to holding discussions on social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook.

The Pantry soon became the central hub for information and resources, quickly becoming integrated into the company culture. The winning sites supported an average of 48, employees, ranging from employees at Archer Malmo toat Delta Air Lines. Administrators can easily add news updates on a regular basis.

Why The Pantry is an effective intranet example: Social intranet that focuses on social activities and corporate culture.

A social intranet should be as engaging as possible: Where appropriate, requiring them to digitally tick that they have read the information. Key takeaways Meaningful, engaging multimedia content helps motivate employees and reinforce positive business outcomes.

These assets show their work restoring sight around the world and are very inspiring for their employees who support this every day. An intranet and Office implementation engaging employees, improving processes at scale, connecting field workers, enabling internal and external collaboration and more, underpinned by great user engagement strategies.

3 Highly Effective Intranet Examples

Having been developing SharePoint intranets sincewe see that most often companies choose one of these intranet types: Agents can register for training sessions on Scout.Intranet Examples. The design of your intranet could well be the difference between success and failure.

An engaging, easy to use design will see your employees happily logging on and taking full advantage of all the great tools and features. The intranet support ratio equation explains 89% of the variability in intranet support ratios.

This effect is visible in the chart, which plots the numbers on. An example of SharePoint Intranet Homepage.

Business vs social SharePoint intranet: explained with real examples

The site is a starting point for employees to navigate to other sites in SharePoint environment. The site is a starting point for employees to navigate to other sites in SharePoint environment.

A compelling intranet business case is one of the most important resources in any intranet project. When it comes to securing buy-in from senior management and the budget to proceed with a project, your business case proves that an intranet is critical to business success, rather than just a 'nice to have'.

Good examples of intranet are what you can do with Sharepoint (Microsoft), and includes company directory, file sharing and some other internal features.

Extranets are usually based on intranets and add features for guests to access. Intranet Examples What follows is a collection of Intranet designs/examples taken from various internet sites (to my knowledge all of the designs here are SharePoint Intranets).

Each intranet page/image should indicate where it was sourced from.

Intranet examples business report
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