Jai guru ji vachans

When a husband looks after his wife and a wife looks after her husband, then there is no happiness greater than this. Satsangs confer blessings both on the narrator and on the listener.

The way your guru keeps you, remain happy in those circumstances. Redirect and reinvest some of your attention, energies and time upon cementing your eternal bond with divinity and spirituality! Always eat bitter things like gourd and gooseberry.

In spite of going through all this, the ones who still come to me are the ones who have passed the test. Jadon Jai guru ji vachans wife di sewa karda hai aur wife husband di, ta isto wadda sukh kahin nai hai, eh hi swarg hai.

Tusi choti cheez mang lende ho. Jadon baar baar mangde ho ta saanu dena pe janda hai. Pura rasik hona, narkaan wich paa denda hai te pura vairaagi vi grihasth chada denda hai.

The ones who have to fall off will fall and the ones that remain, I prepare them to be ripened. You can never see God. A guru is one who can change your destiny if he so pleases. Expensive paintings used for home decoration carry the feelings of the artist. All religions preach only one language of love and compassion and service to mankind.

They are allowed to be my disciples and I look after their every small need. He will in fact tell you to strike a balance between his duties in this world and his duties towards god. The home too is a spiritual centre. Devotees should narrate the blessings they have received.

Help anyone and everyone irrespective of caste, colour, creed, faith or religion, anytime and every time. The Bade Mandir has the power of twelve holy places. Disengage yourselves from outward pleasures, dreams and desires of the cosmetically alluring materialistic world. Always wish the best for anybody coming across you in daily life.

Nichuran baad bhi jeda mere kol aanda hai, oh hi is test nu paas karda hai. Guru blessings de kar waapas bhi le sakda hai. Birth stones that are worn for prosperity and good health can themselves have a negative influence and, therefore, should not be worn.

If you cannot help anyone due to any reason whatsoever then at least do not cause any harm or damage, in any form, at anytime to anyone.

Also if a guru sees that his blessing is causing you to develop an ego or if you are using his blessings in the wrong way, he can take back his blessings. Tusi galat cheez mag lende ho aur saanu deni pe jaandi hai.

After ripening, I squeeze them like one does a lemon. Whoever comes here would receive my blessings. Eating turmeric is also good for health. Main fir usdi har ek choti to bhi choti zaroorat da khayaal rakhda haan.

Those who think they can reach me without my sangat accepting them or loving them are mistaken. Kya pata asi tuhanu kinni waddi cheez dena chande haan.

Jisnu meri sangat na pyaar kare oh mainu paa nai sakda. Be under your own control. One should not depend too much on pundits. I first shake the tree.SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI The Sikh religion was founded by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, first Guru of Sikhs, in CE. Today Sikh religion has over 20 million people across the whole world.

Today Sikh religion has over 20 million people across the whole world.

Guruji Vachans

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Guru ji is a thought,which maintain all equal,guru ji bada mandir bhati mines is main temple located in Delhi for followers,guru ji also known as Jalandhar wale baba ji,sangat view guru ji as avtar of Lord Shiva,guruji has already taken samadhi, mandir is run by trust.

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Jai guru ji vachans
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