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In each row, the trigger column may contain a drop-down list of available segments to specify as triggered by the specific make. According to a first feature, a mobile communication device may be adapted with an inventory application that is synchronized either in real-time, via an over-the-air interface, or when docked with a car inventory stored on Mod001176 consumer behaviour module gui server.

Each individual online consumer may be classified into one of the plurality of marketing strategies according to the gathered behavior information They are described as follows: HousingYou can opt to live in residential student housing or a homestay with your own room and two meals a dayall within commuting distance to the CAPA center.

Selecting on any of the rows in the Model list of FIG. Conventional online marketing approaches typically seek to appeal to the broadest online audience viewers. The consumer may be categorized or classified into a segment based on interests implied by the consumer behavior.

Such configurable system may implement behavior-based targeting BBT where different marketing strategies for the same product or service may be defined by a web administrator, and different marketing content may be presented to consumers of the same product based on their identified behavior or interests.

FIELD The present invention relates to a configurable online marketing tool that facilitates targeted web page Mod001176 consumer behaviour module gui web content generation based on consumer behavior.

The dynamically generated online content may be presented or displayed to each consumere.

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The wave of digital mobile lifestyle has encompassed the world. A website administrator may setup a plurality of content segments with triggers for each content segment on the website database module The control panel may include a behavioral segment taba segmentation triggers tab and a targeted content tab In the following description, certain terminology may be used to describe certain features of one or more embodiments of the invention.

Such consumer behavior information may be used to ascertain or assume individual consumer characteristics, e.

US20090198507A1 - Behavior-based web page generation marketing system - Google Patents

This study explores the use of iBeacon wireless sensors inside and outside the stores. The sales person Mod001176 consumer behaviour module gui gauge these consumer characteristics through conversation and questioning of the consumer.

When a consumer establishes a purchase list in a smart device app, as long as the consumer enters the store, the smartphone will inform the location of each item, saving shopping time and improving efficiency. Through the combinational use of network and various wireless communication sensing networks, objects can now communicate with each other through the Internet environment [ 1 ].

Abby Crain Missouri Baptist University Program Inclusions TuitionEarn credits per semester courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted; internships are credits. Maintaining the transmitted messages, including navigational information and recommended information. By selecting the edit feature not shown from the behavioral segment, a behavioral segment control panel is displayed See FIG.

Triggers may also be defined for placing the consumers into the segments. Only page parameters for which specific values have been defined for the specified segment may be displayed in this list. Customers can be classified according to the characteristics of the goods purchased and the amount spent.

Pages, content and keywords not assigned to segments may be considered to be in the default segment. Additionally, with the ubiquity of mobile communication devices such as iPhone by Apple Corporationit would be desirable to integrate such communication devices e.

Real application examples are provided for explanation. Meanwhile, in accordance with the background management analysis, the app service server updates the information setting and transmits it to the app on the smart mobile device.

All of this information may then be stored in a database Consequently, the relevant information derived from the intelligent-object can be applied to commercial activities.

Consequently, these two types of consumers may be presented with different information or such information may be presented in a different way for the same car maker or even for different versions of the same car model e.

This behavior-based targeting may improve pre-click relevancy before a consumer has landed on the web site. When the targeted content tab FIG. With a huge number of users, e-commerce marketing strategies in the IoT become extremely important and must be altered accordingly in response to changes in the environment and industry.

When a process corresponds to a function, its termination corresponds to a return of the function to the calling function or the main function.

The functions include information reception and inquiry; store navigation and product recommendations; activity participation; checkout payment; and customer satisfaction survey.

As a result, the consumer may be presented the exact same primary web page www. The content is not dynamically generated and presented in the same page with different content, but a separate, distinct web page identified for that specific search term.

It allows the website administrator a primary means of marketing the website to target consumers based on marketing-derived consumer delineation. Consequently, this approach seeks to maximize the conversion events for each of the identified subgroups rather than the whole set of potential viewers.The first graphical user interface was designed by Xerox Corporation's Palo Alto Research Center in the s, but it was not until the s and the emergence of the Apple Macintosh that graphical user interfaces became popular.

MOD Consumer Behaviour Module Gui Essay  Contents Module Title Error! Bookmark. Video created by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for the course "Marketing Management II". In this module, we will study the meaning of consumer behavior and the factors that influence it.

We will explore the various factors that. For example, FIG. 22 illustrates a processing device that may include a segmentation modulea trigger modulea content definition modulea behavior identification modulea consumer categorizing moduleand a web page generation module that perform one or more of the recited steps.

These models attempt to explain each stage and show interrelated between the stages of consumer buyer behaviour from the stimulus, through the purchase to post purchase behaviour. The Howard-Sheth model () is a learning model designed to explain the brand choice of an individual faced with several choice alternatives.

uLog™, an add-on module of the The Observer XT, Consumer behavior research. Focus group observations. Consumer research. Market research. Example labs.

which menus are used in the user interface, which pages are opened in the web browser, and much more. To avoid misuse, uLog shows an icon to inform the user that keyboard. Make improvements to other parts of the business based on consumer behavior.

Viewing customer journeys. To view customer journeys, configure the following: Journeys Containing Selected Module - Journeys must contain the specified module to be Detailed data on changes made to applications within the Graphical User Interface (GUI.

Mod001176 consumer behaviour module gui
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