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They missed a great movie that actually conveys a real message. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. When the day arrives, Cruz has not been able to finish but the team help him by doing some of his push-ups and suicides, getting him back on the team.

Carter shows his player that the biggest obstacle is their own fear of trying for more than they have. Cruz quits the team in anger along with two other players, the previous season top scorers.

He insists that each player sign a contract that includes wearing jacket and tie on game days, attending and sitting in the front row of all classes, and maintaining a higher grade point average than the minimum required for participation in sports.

To believe that some people can actually watch a movie and then complain that the time line is off with reality is beyond my comprehension. Who cares about the time line!

Each of these guys played their characters to a tee. Carter reluctantly agrees but holds his son to a higher set of standards than the rest of the team.

He then orders them to do a series of suicides for one hour to improve their conditioning. He asked Kyra come with him to college with or without the baby and she agrees.

I do not know much about the coach this movie is based on, but I can not imagine anything better or stronger than what Jackson has given us here. The bigger stars have their own back stories and reasons for why they are the way they are.

Back at school, Carter discovers that the progress reports show that some of the students have been skipping classes and failing academically.

This movie truly was excellent, right up there on the shelf next to "With Honors. Carter comforts him and allows it. Talk to your kids about The story is pretty much like any other. Later, although this priority to good values is praised in the national media, Carter is criticized by parents and academic personnel alike for his decision to lock down the gym.

The reality is that kids do have foul mouths, have unprotected sex, are faced with hard decisions to have or not have a baby and selling drugs everyday. After looking for the players to celebrate, Carter goes to the house and orders his team to leave. At the winter dance, Stone talks to his girlfriend about the baby and says he does not want to live that way.

Carter tries to show his players that high school basketball is not about winning but about discipline, respect and the confidence to accomplish any goal.

Coach Carter

Was this review helpful? Shocked, Carter asks why he did this, and Damien tells him that he wants to play for his father. Enraged, Carter locks the gym, and sends his players to the library to study with their teachers.

Where this movie differs, and what makes this better than most movies of this type, is the depth it goes into in most of the players on the team. Later in practice, Carter talks to Battle, who does not seem to be worried about it, so Carter suspends him for games.Jan 14,  · A O Scott reviews movie Coach Carter, directed by Thomas Carter and starring Samuel L Jackson; photos (M).

Jan 12,  · It'd be great to say that the heart-stirring sports film Coach Carter is an admirable but stock piece of corn which is ultimately lifted into memorability by an astounding center-court performance by /5.

But the movie is called Coach Carter and thusly the fate of the film really rested on Jackson's shoulders and he was able to hold it up. The movie has problems, most of them coming with the genre%. Engaging film with a terrific message. Read Common Sense Media's Coach Carter review, age rating, and parents guide.

"Coach Carter" is a well-made movie, and from what I have heard it stays true to the actual story.

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If you're sick of inspirational-type movies, then don't go see it, but otherwise I highly recommend it. Coach Carter is a American biographical sports drama film directed by Thomas Carter. Outstanding Directing in a Feature Film/Television Movie Thomas Carter Nominated Outstanding Motion Picture ———— Nominated Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture Ashanti Nominated.

Movie review coach carter
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