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From being a supervisor, I also work with a lot of licensing companies and record labels and publishers. Six people working in and around music told The Outline how they actually find out about new music. I go to shows that I either know most of the bands or I know one band in particular that I like a lot, and then you just kind of hang around for the others.

At the same time, I definitely check into SoundCloud because I feel like SoundCloud has always had a grip on the best up and coming rappers. There is a web site called the Funny Music Project.

I grew up as a rap head, so I would say, oh look at this rock show, let me go check this out.

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I listen to everything that people send or suggest. Whereas magazines, zines, radio, and something called MTV once offered diverse avenues of exploration for music fans, followed New outline the heyday of music blogs and music piracy websites like Napster, the algorithm now looms over everyone.

Or, let me go check out this punk show. Get The Outline in your inbox Subscribe Nice email address! Hua Hsu — Staff Writer at The New Yorker I found music when I was a teenager mostly through magazines and zines, radio, and word-of-mouth from friends or friends of friends.

I remember being really interested in lineages and histories, so I was always trying to listen my way backwards from the artists and scenes I liked.

I rely on a lot of my network in Atlanta. Culture Finding new music in the algorithm age Six people working in the music world tell us how they do it. I used to try to go to as many shows as I could. That is ultimately a bit more divisive than it is helpful. There is considerable reason to worry about what that means for up-and-coming artists without major label connections, as well as the landscape of popular music as a whole.

But what are the alternatives? Demento — host of the comedic music radio show The Dr. Thankfully, as a music journalist I get a lot of music really early. Since my show is a fairly unique outlet for people who create that sort of thing to get some exposure, I get a dozen or more submissions each week on average.

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Ann-Derrick Gaillot Aug—09— We want to know what you think about The Outline and you can win some cool swag too. But one of my favorite ones is probably The Alternative. The admins have pretty good taste or at least taste that corresponds with mine and a lot of the new sounds heard on my show come from there.

Finding new music in the algorithm age

They feed me music, managers, lawyers, artists themselves, people that they are collaborating with. Times, which still employs people to write about new music, at least part-time, and makes an effort to help New outline like me discover new stuff.

We know you love to answer questions, so take our 5 minute survey. Going to shows is a really big thing, too. I went to college in a town with a lot of great record shops, so recommendations whenever I worked up the courage to speak with the clerks were really important, too.INTRODUCTIONI.

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Medications 40% Generic. Six people working in and around music told The Outline how they actually find out about new music. Listen to the interviews with Jen Malone, Marcus Moore, Delaney Motter, and Lauren Rearick for additional tips on The Outline World Dispatch.

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