The five strategic steps of dominos pizza

Determine where the gaps are in the competitive matrix. Zenos chose sustainability, product quality, media, customer service, and price. The new menu items already had it firing on all cylinders.

Across the horizontal axis, list the five strategic areas in which you are competitive e. Moreover, the company would want to drill down on the media exposure of its competitors on a separate matrix. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor in relation to the associated strategic area.

The Many Acts of Domino’s Pizza

You may need to expand selected areas and create separate matrices for those areas that contain multiple variables. These represent strategic opportunities for your company. Zenos sees pizza as a price competitive product; its competitive position is threatened if its quality and community appeal do not attract sophisticated, food conscious buyers.

As we saw results getting tough, we got very aggressive about making changes to this business that we thought were going to set us up for great long-term success.

In fact, a consumer study from loyalty research firm Brand Keys in had the chain at No. The C-suite wants to determine the best tactics to gain a position in a very competitive market segment. But the Q1 numbers in are not an anomaly and represent the return of something much bigger than the systemwide sales of could ever define, Doyle says.

We were not given credit for great-quality food. Here are the six steps to developing a competitive analysis for Zenos: In fact, by the time the new recipe launched, the company was already putting on a show.

The key to making the marketing strategy of the new pizza recipe successful, Weiner says, was being as open as the brand could be. Create a competition matrix. By April ofthe chain was head first into its reinvention.

Zenos determined the gap in the market was the lack of digital strategy targeting food conscious buyers. With this evaluation, your team can establish a what makes your product or service unique, b what gaps are in the marketplace, and c what strategies will generate competitive advantage.

The confidence came from knowing absolutely percent that we had a better pizza. Review the matrices to determine which areas your company is most vulnerable.

Determine five strategic areas in which you are competitive. An Honest Approach Making a better pizza was one thing, but selling it to the public was a whole other beast. Identify the current and potential competition. In and before, a lot of things seemed to sort of come together to help set us up for In Act I, the company listened to its critics and rolled out a new pizza recipe.

Down the left side column write the names of your five major competitors. So we blew up the bridge.Here are the six steps to developing a competitive analysis for Zenos: Pizza Hut, and Dominos as its principle competitors.

Determine five strategic areas in which you are competitive. Zenos chose sustainability, product quality, media, customer service, and price.

The Many Acts of Domino's Pizza - Two years ago, Domino's Pizza languished as a pizza also-ran. But two years of reinvention, capped by the release of the chain's new pizza recipe, has Domino's at the fore of the segment—and sales are booming.

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Company has an operation model and inimitable business that enable it to be a leader in fast food industry. Dominos Pizza has effectively expanded from three outlets in the US to 9, stores in service in seventy countries since its creation in early s (Abilla, ). The head quarter is in /5(16).

Profile Domino's Strategic Competitive Advantage Scott Benton, Lauren Bilich, Danette Winkler, Aaron Love, Vanessa Torrez Environmental Analysis Competitive Environmental Analysis Internal Analysis Problem Analysis Opportunities and Threats Strategic Intent and Mission Strategic Alternate Better Pizza” Goals Strategy Competitive Advantage.

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The five strategic steps of dominos pizza
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