The issue of the worlds view on family

God created everything that exists Gen. We affirm that God grants the magistrate the power to punish evil acts and to encourage good behavior; that crimes occurring within the family should be justly punished; and that the state should promote a social, economic, and physical environment conducive to family life Romans We affirm that children are a blessing from God of worth beyond human capacity to measure, and should be welcomed joyously into the family as precious gifts from Him; that children belong to God alone, with the parents being their God-ordained stewards; and that God gives parents primary responsibility and authority for the education and physical, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being of children Genesis We believe that the The issue of the worlds view on family of God came to earth and lived in the human body of Jesus Christ of Nazareth 2, years ago Col.

We deny that either the mother, the father, the civil government, or any other person or institution has a moral right to decree the death by abortion of any child for any reason, be it social, economic, psychological, etc.

We affirm that relatives incapacitated due to age or other disability are entitled to find rest and care in the homes of their children or other near family members if at all medically or physically possible, and that Christians should provide for their incapacitated relatives 1 Timothy 5: Its stated goal was "to help break the cycle of poverty by providing preschool children of low-income families with a comprehensive program to meet their emotional, social, health, nutritional, and psychological needs.

We affirm that God established the family when He joined Adam and Eve in marriage and instituted their relationship as a life-long covenant and commitment to God and to each other Genesis 2: We deny that the family is merely a collection of individuals who must fend for themselves physically, spiritually, or morally.

FAMILY is the organizing system for all healthy families, communities, and societies — the fundamental truth that can bring wholeness to our world that is now perilously divided. We deny that churches should try to replace Christian parents or the home in training; that church programs should interfere with Biblically based family life; and that churches should encourage institutionalized child care for children with two able-bodied parents.

The Bible says, "From whence come wars and fightings among you? We believe that society will be healed only when we reorganize around the common purpose of creating a nurturing and secure environment in which all children and families can thrive. We deny that incest is merely a social "taboo;" that either so-called "non-violent rape" or "date rape" is non-criminal; that parents should be condemned as sexual abusers in the absence of compelling evidence; that civil government should indulge in "witch hunts" against sexual abuse, soliciting anonymous reports or accusing people without compelling evidence; that civil government should plant mistrust of parents in the minds of innocent children Deuteronomy Churches must be willing to lose their tax exempt status over this issue, and Christian parents must be willing to be jailed, if necessary, in fighting this ultimate power grab by devotees of idolatrous statism ; 5.

The answer hinges on two basic truths: We affirm that rape is a sin and a crime no matter who the victim is, but especially when perpetrated against a child, and that rapists should be prosecuted and punished as criminals Deuteronomy See the varying uses of the Hebrew word mischpachah [e.

We deny that premarital and extramarital sexual relationships, promiscuity, adultery, homosexuality, bestiality, exhibitionism, pornography, adult-child sexual relations, prostitution, and sex-act entertainment, masturbation, and other sexual deviations should be sanctioned or accepted as "normal" or legal, even if done alone or by consenting partners; and that any sexual behavior that deviates from the norm of a loving, marital heterosexuality can be considered a mature, untreatable, or acceptable life-long pattern, even if the individual involved does not wish to change.

In spite of our differences, we must strive together to meet our central responsibility: We affirm that God commands all children to honor their parents and minor children to obey them in the Lord; that Scripture gives parents the right and responsibility to enforce obedience through discipline, including corporal punishment Deuteronomy 5: Unwed Parents and their Children We deny that the value of human life is to be measured by its "quality;" that abortion-on-demand, infanticide, euthanasia, or discrimination in medical treatment against the handicapped, the very young, or the very aged is ever right; and that any race or gender has greater intrinsic value than any other.

We affirm that marriage is for life and that no one should enter it lightly Matthew Until recently we have supported government schools and other humanistic institutions of higher learning uncritically, though they often deliberately teach and effectively endorse the anti-family practices of "social parenting," abortion, euthanasia, consenting adultery, promiscuity, homosexuality, and so on.

As a result, many families suffer from aimlessness and disarray. CopyrightThe Coalition on Revival, Inc.The theory asserts that conflict in the families is a very normal killarney10mile.comct theories view family as a class in society, which one of the group is oppressing others.

each member of the family performs different essential activities that will lead to survival and continuity of the family.

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Submit Search. Today's Broadcast Family Q&A About Store Marriage What's Your View of the World? By Del Tackett Part of the What's a Christian Worldview Series.

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What's a Christian Worldview? What's Your View of the World?. PREFACE. The family is God's chosen institution for bringing children into the world and for nurturing and training them. It is the fiber from which all godly human institutions are woven, and the fabric of both Church and society will disintegrate if its very fiber is torn.

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The issue of the worlds view on family
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