The war on terrorism pros and cons

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You omit to point out the draconian laws embraced by the United Kingdom and the US. More dangerous still, the label is being used as a justification for draconian and oppressive counter-terrorist measures by countries such as Russia, Israel and India to deal with deep-seated ethnic or ethno-religious conflicts which are potentially corrigible by political and diplomatic efforts.

Videos A discussion of the practical, legal, and ethical questions behind the growing use of drones in counterterrorism emerged in a Distinguished Author Series event at IPI on February 18, featuring Scott Shane, author of Objective Troy: Outcome Though the Iraq War is over, we cannot claim a definitive victory, nor do we know what the eventual outcome will be.

Weapons of mass destruction could be launched at Israel or other allies. Saddam continues to fire on U. Both these assumptions are false. And his reach is now, unfortunately, much wider — Osama posters are hanging up in the rooms of young people in West Africa, the Far East and in the Midlands here in Britain.

Does anyone believe that the 10,plus civilians killed in Afghanistan are any less a source of pain and grief to humanity than the 3, The war on terrorism pros and cons in New York and Washington? Together with the thousands jailed as Taliban suspects are thousands of other innocent Muslims: Our smart bombs and dumb tactics will only provoke the same.

Mr Karzai and the strategy of terror and occupation he represents in the eyes of many Afghanis cannot be sustained much longer. Of those deaths,were innocent civilians, and over 9, were Iraqi police.

What Are Some Pros and Cons of War?

As with any war, there have been both beneficial and negative results from this nearly nine-year conflict. With the economic and domestic security problems we have, this is a bad time to go to war. We need a far more complex intelligence-led, multinational, and multi-pronged strategy to unravel this elusive global terrorist network.

In addition, scandals surrounding Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo caused worldwide outrage. It was a long war with tremendous fiscal and human cost. The coalition against terrorism has failed to provide the vital economic assistance to the interim government in Kabul.

He has started wars against neighboring countries of Iran and Kuwait, leading to the death of about 1. A pre-emptive attack is against what the U. Despite my travels and contacts in the Muslim world I have never come across anything that one could associate in a tangible way with such a super-structure such as Al Qaeda.

Thousands are in jail in these two countries under new laws which allow the arrest and detention of any suspect without trial. In fact, Awlaki, in death, gained greater lasting relevance.

This pressure forced a response from the Administration, including a commitment to report strikes to the relevant Congressional committees, and the release of a limited explanation of the US targeting methodology. What would have justified the random bombing of Afghanistan, one of the poorest nations on earth?

In a lopsided victory, the U.

A Boer general once said: Shane was able to see heavily redacted versions of two of the Office of Legal Counsel documents, but only after a Freedom of Information Act request and 4 years in court.

Fuad Dear Fuad Serious mistakes have been made in the campaign against Al Qaeda, but there have also been considerable successes. There is no weapon of mass destruction we can come up with that can destroy the human spirit in its calls for freedom and justice.

I would, though, bet my last penny that Osama would now win any vote against any Muslim leader in any country in the Arabian peninsula. The current disagreement involves essentially how Saddam should be disarmed--by force or by continued U.

By Hollye Dexter Ten years after invasion, Baghdad still shows the scars of war. Exaggerating the setbacks and errors will only be grist to Al Qaeda propaganda.

It is also true that Al Qaeda was able to use the invasion of Iraq as a potent weapon for propaganda, recruitment and for increasing donations. Retaliatory strikes from Al Qaeda, Hamas, and other terrorists could occur.

We need moral courage and maximum international cooperation and support to help find peaceful pathways out of violence. Married with three children and an Imam at a Washington mosque, he was ambitious and had become something of a media superstar.

Most people in the Muslim world want to live in peace and be free of terror, which has so often brought death and destruction to their own people. They had, however, observed his un-Islamic secret—that he enjoyed the regular company of prostitutes.

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Fighting terrorism with terrorism is not a moral or intelligent thing. What drives someone to want to kill large numbers of his fellow human beings?Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on ‘War against terrorism’: weighing up the pros and cons.

What Are the Pros & Cons of the United States Vs. Iraq War?

June 16, “War on Terrorism” is a very misleading. While the cons of war are myriad, including loss of life (both military and civilian), extreme economic strain and political or social disputes at home, there are nevertheless times when war may be said to be justified, such as when it functions as a measure of national self-defense or else as a.

Because this has been a long, costly, unpopular war and there has been no decidedly positive outcome, pros are difficult to ascertain, but perhaps America's single best action in the Iraq war was the removal of a ruthless dictator.

Since the World Trade Center attacks of Sep. 11, and the subsequent "War on Terror," the United States has used unmanned aerial vehicles (aka drones) to kill suspected terrorists in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and other countries. debuts its 50th issue website, http. Apr 27,  · Best Answer: Pros & Cons: 1. It's not about killing and torturing people, it's about capturing perpetrators and bringing them to justice. Resolved.

It would send a forceful message to other dictators and would-be state sponsors of terrorism. Preventive War: Pros & Cons Iraq Resources Pro-War/Anti-War Bush's Request Brings Pros, Cons to the Forefront Iraq Troop Withdrawal (Pros & Cons, Arguments For and Against, Advantages & Disadvantages).

The war on terrorism pros and cons
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