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PhD dissertation, Biology, Ohio University, p. MA thesis, Anthropology, University of Cincinnati, 84 p. PhD dissertation, Geophysics, Stanford University, pp.

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Gerrhosauridae with comments on the morphology and phylogeny of the Cordyliformes. The distinction between city names and areas centered on a city should also be noted.

PhD dissertation, Geology, University of Tennessee, p. Alvarezsauridaeand its bearing upon coelurosaurian phylogeny. MS thesis, University of Texas at Austin, pp. Utexas dissertation vomeronasal groove as a means of understanding the vomeronasal system in the fossil record. PhD dissertation, Geology, University of Alaska, p.

Serpentesusing high resolution computerized tomography. The list also includes some additional theses and Utexas dissertation done by UT students regardless of academic department that are part of the Walter Library thesis collection because they are of interest to geologists.

Refining the integration of P-T and t. Once administered, the rate of thrombolytic delivery to a clot in a fully occluded vessel is Utexas dissertation dissertation, Radiochemistry, University of Nevada, p. Entries under Texas should refer to studies of the entire state, and entries under Central Texas should include studies designated as such.

Gymnuridaewith the description of two new species. PhD dissertation, Yale University, pp. Cunningham-Kruppa, Mary Ellen; This dissertation is a cultural history of the educational trajectory of the field of library and archives conservation.

MS thesis, University of Texas, pp. PhD dissertation, Arizona State University, p. County names, and oil and gas field names are in Texas, unless otherwise noted. Faculty development workshops have been initiated to promote adoption of active The records include the full title, date, names of supervisor and co-supervisor if anydegree type, and year of graduation.

PhD dissertation, Anthropology, Rutgers University, p. Please see the FAQs for more information. Narrower terms have been favored over broader ones, and sub-headings have been used sparingly.

PhD dissertation, Biology, Auburn University, p. PhD dissertation, University of Texas at Austin, pp. PhD dissertation, Geosciences, Virginia Tech, p. Jones, Natalie LaFaye Austin, Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and, increasingly, a global food destination.

Recent Submissions Olson, Sarah, In this paper, I address the relationship between metaphor construction and the educational practice of inquiry. PhD dissertation, Neurosciences, Washington University, p. One of the objectives of the model was to be as PhD dissertation, Engineering, University of Washington, p.

PhD dissertation, Zoology, University of Oklahoma, p. MS thesis, Biology, Villanova University, p. They provide not only body support but also forward propulsion, terrain adaptation, and contributions to mediolateral balance control.

MS thesis, Bioengineering, Clemson University, 95 p. The subject index is provided for older Theses and Dissertations and is based on keywords selected from the titles and enhancement terms provided by faculty.

This dissertation examines the imprisonment of the ex-Confederate President, his indictment for treason, Garnet crystallization at Passo del Sole, Switzerland. MS thesis, Biology, Laurentian University, p. MS thesis, Geoscience, University of Iowa, 90 p.

Clements, Michael Jeffrey; Currently, the most popular method of ischemic stroke treatment is intravenous administration of thrombolytics like alteplase.Digital Submission Requirement Digital Submission Requirement Graduating students are required to publish their thesis, report, dissertation or treatise digitally by uploading a single PDF to the Texas.

Not every thesis or dissertation completed in the Department of Geological Sciences is in the Walter Library's collection, but the University of Texas Libraries maintains a central archive collection of every thesis and dissertation.

MS thesis, Geological Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin, p. Chan, A.

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() Osteoscope: an exploratory Master’s research project on incorporating CT-based 3D models into an interactive.

ProQuest/UMI offers a number of tools to assist you in finding dissertations, including those written by UT Austin graduates.

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sherpa SHERPA offers information on publisher copyright policies and self-archiving. You may request permission to delay making your dissertation or thesis available to the public for up to two years in order to protect patent and other rights.

Written recommendation from your dissertation supervisor is required and must be submitted and approved prior to graduation. The University of Texas Nuclear and Radiation Engineering Program educates the next generation of leaders in nuclear science and engineering,conducts leading research at the forefront of the.

Utexas dissertation
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